Force Network is building a new set of protocols for an Internet where everything can be private, everyone can be anonymous and nothing can be censored. Our initial Blockchain distribution was helpful at the very beginning. Moving onwards, we will take the necessary steps to support our desired ecosystem by creating a decentralized, scalable and more secure Blockchain.
We will announce a timeframe (1 year minimum) one month before the official migration starts.
While we move our ecosystem to the novel Blockchain, we highly recommend to swap your old FOR. The actual FOR coins will not be compatible with the protocols used on the new environment.
We will ensure to provide you with a sufficient timeframe to perform the migration. Therefore, if you miss the swap window, you will not be able to perform the migration afterwards. We will have limited support after the migration has ended.
You will receive the following ratio 1:1. The exact same amount!
The migration will not cost you anything, but you will pay an insignificant fee when swapping your old FOR. If you are performing the swap on an exchange, you may have to pay its swap fee.